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Are you ready to fill your life with Fresh, Fun, Fast & Flavourful Food?

Great because we are here now and we are eager to take you on a  gastronomic trip to Hawaii.  

Poké is traditionally a dish consisting of smaller fish, caught on the reefs along the shores of Hawaii, served with fresh seaweed and some nuts. It has probably been an easy and quick snack that fishermen have eaten. With the introduction of better fishing methods, ahi-tuna became the preferred fish for poké. In addition, Hawaii has had a large influx of Japanese who influenced the food culture and thus introduced soy, tofu, sesame oil and many other great ingredients. Imagine the flavors of sushi in a full bowl of delight.

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Welcome to honoloulou
we are so happy you are here.
We  are open from 18-21.
Saturday and Sunday Closed  
We have decided to focus on the take-away side of our business to control the quality and service.
Hope to see you soon.

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