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The Juice Box

Feeling Lethargic? Put on some weight?

Think Juice!

What is it?

Cold-pressed juices locking in all of nature ́s goodness to naturally cleanse your body, elevate your energy levels and reduce your calorie intake whilst providing you vitamins and minerals your body needs.

10 x 300ml juices, per day for €30.00

Flavors include (with an apple juice base)

Orange – Carrot, Turmeric, Black Pepper
Purple – Beats, Ginger

Green A – Cucumber, Spinach

Green B – Kale, Tarragon, Apple Cider Vinegar Blue – Blueberry, Acai
Juice Shot A – Turmeric
Juice Shot B – Ginger

Juice Shot C – Lime, Cayenne, Agave --Nut/Seed Milk

Made just for you in sealed containers for you to refrigerate and consume when you ́re ready.

Call +34 627 04 83 28

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